Take these measures when driving and provide fuel saving of up to 20 percent

26 December, 2017

Do not idle for more than 10 seconds.

Plan your trip (make routes and time selection, if you do not plan your trip, the number of

start-stop increases)

Do not wait to heat the engine. You only need to use your vehicle at low speed for the first 5


The most fuel consumption occurs during acceleration. Avoid sudden acceleration.

Going at constant speed improves performance, drive at constant speed.

Decrease your maximum speed limit by 10 percent. The maximum speed limit must be

determined in accordance with the operation in fleets. This should not be up to the drivers and

must be kept under control by the vehicle tracking system.

Avoid unnecessary load.

Do not let the car idle when going downhill, it is enough not to step on the gas.

Close your windows.

Follow the traffic flow.

Combine your trips.

Check your tire pressure.

Use quality fuel and oil.