Digital Tachograph Solution

Digital Tachograph Solution

With Digital Tachograph Solution, Mobiliz enables drivers of the vehicles such as truck, rig, bus which transport within the country or abroad and are obliged to be equipped with tachograph to deliver the data of tachograph and driver card which should be reported pursuant to Road Traffic Legislation to the center in a remote, quick and safe way. With Digital Tachograph Solution, companies may benefit from the vehicle tracking system and provide time and fuel-saving accessing to the data of tachograph and driver card through the system without requiring the vehicle coming to the center. Movements of the vehicles, working and resting time of the driver can be tracked transparently by the driver and center. By delivering the data of the vehicle and driver to the center automatically or manually, as preferred by the owner of the vehicle, processes can be completed within legal time.

Digital Tachograph Reports

1. Driver information, and driving and break report

2. Detailed information report for driver and card data can be prepared.

Live Driving Data Follow and Report Feature

• DRDT live driving data can be reported thanks to the interconnection with the THR4100 unit.

Driving Data Follow and Report Feature

In vehicles with the proper brand having road computer CANBus feature;

• Digital driver license connected to the digital tachograph can be used as driver accessory.

• The breach can be created according to the driving time limits received from digital tachograph.

Distinctive Features of Digital Tachograph Solution

Transferring and storing the data of tachograph and driver card remotely to the center

preferably manually or automatically,

Selection of automatic programming periods,

Every Day         Every Week                    Every Month

                     (Depending on the specified day)     (Depending on the specified day)

Saving the files downloaded for the vehicle automatically with a desktop application and transferring to a folder,

Selecting and saving multiple programming for the vehicle,

Canceling and updating the programming,

Creating multiple programming for one vehicle,

Stand-by of the vehicle until the related programming is performed if the vehicle is off.

Equipment and Software Required for Digital Tachograph Solutions

Vehicle Equipment

• Mobiliz CANBus Pack DT43C + THR4100 or

• Mobiliz Advanced Pack DT430 + THR4100 (CAN4100 optional) should be used.

Central Equipment

• Company Card: It is the card connected to the company computer, given to the companies transferring load and passenger domestic or international. It is mandatory to connect it to the reader.

• Driver Card: It is the card which is mandatory to be connected to the digital tachograph in the vehicle and records the driver data.

• Computer: It is the computer dedicated to digital tachograph download processes.

• Card Reader: It is the accessory connected to the computer with which remote data download process will be performed.


• Mobiliz Tracking Systems Web Application

• Mobiliz Tracking Systems Desktop Tachograph Application

Remote Data Download Procedure for Digital Tachograph Solutions

  • Driver card is connected to the card slot of the digital tachograph device and company card is connected to the card reader of the computer, and driver card data is downloaded to the corporate office with remote connection.

  • Download vehicle data file (with extension .ddd) is uploaded on web site in via the internet.

  • The data upload process can also be uploaded automatically via the web service on the application side using the internet.

Liability of Transferring the Digital Tachograph Data

Digital Tachograph device is a recording device designed to be assembled to the vehicles transporting on road to automatically or semi-automatically display and save movement of road vehicles and the working time details of the drivers.

Tachograph device;

• Inspects vehicle driving time.

• Inspects vehicle speed.

• Inspects if the vehicle is driven in compliance with the limits stated by the law.

• Stores the inspected records.

• Provides a graphic or written report of the stored graphics.

It is essential for the drivers to drive in accordance with working and resting time to provide drive security, and to decrease traffic accidents and breaches.

Pursuant to provisions of Circular dated 09.03.2017 and numbered 2017/KDGM-4/ST of Directorate General of Road Transport Regulation under T.R. Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, it is mandatory to store the vehicle data received from Digital tachograph and driver data received from driver cards in accordance with the legislation.

According to this regulation;

• Driver card data should be downloaded every 25 days at the latest and sent to card issue authority.

• Digital tachograph vehicle data should be downloaded every 3 months at the latest and sent to the card issue authority once a month.