Mobile DVR

Mobile DVR

Mobile DVR is a camera package that enables to obtain instant video image by integrating into the vehicle tracking system and provides present and historical location information and that enables video recording.

    Product DT609 DT610
    ARM11 Processor (600MHz), 256MByte DDR3 RAM
    4 channel 720Pixel, 960H, D1, VGA, HD1 ve CIF video record
    960Pixel (1.3MP), 720Pixsel(1MP) camera compatible
    Analog camera adaptable
    4 channel sound record
    H264 recording format
    GPS, instant location tracking
    WIFI, 3G/4G support
    RJ45 ethernet port. 10M/100M
    2.5 inch 4TB data harddisk support -
    128GB SD/SDHC/SDXC card support x1 x2
    4 channel alarm input, 1 channel alarm output
    The recording duration can be set after the ignition is turned off. 0-999dk
    VGA monitor input -
    AV monitor output
    For PTZ control RS485 port
    USB input x2 x1
    Time, Contact and Event based recording
    Voltage and cooling fan
    10VDC-38VDC voltage
    -20°C/+60°C temperature
    Feeding, Working, Recording, GPS, 3G/4G Leds
    Dimensions 210X180X50mm 155x133x26mm
    Weight 980gr 430gr
    Suspension system for HDD protection -
    Video Recording Times : 3,5,10,15,30,45,60,90,120min