IUGO Driving Behavior Assessment and Changing Habits

IUGO Technology aims to create a safe traffic environment by helping to change behaviors of the drivers via its corporate, sectoral and individual solutions.

It works to improve behaviors of the driver in addition to focusing on vehicle tracking and expense management while managing vehicle fleets of the companies.

IUGO brings vehicle telemetry technologies to the level of driver behavior with original intelligent algorithms.

Thanks to IUGO;
  • Behaviors of the driver are detected, their habits are learned, after all these, driver development monitoring and perfect reporting are performed.
  • Vehicle fleet managers have a “fellow traveler” who helps change behaviors of the driver and serve to manage fleet performance, as well as it was provided more efficient, cost-effective, transparent and effective management.
  • In addition to behaviors of the driver, the direction of the vehicle, the mileage, the maneuvers, the risks which are taken, speed and location information are tracked via a single platform.
For more information, please contact us via isgelistirme@mobiliz.com.tr email address.