CANBus Package DT43 C

CANBus Package DT43 C

It is an advanced vehicle tracking service package using the Canbus technology that obtains information such as fuel consumption, tank level and engine speed as well as the information of position, speed, and engine idling of the vehicle from the econometer and provides them to the user.


    It is an advanced package that has the CANBus technology, which provides critical information such as fuel consumption, tank level and engine revolutions by obtaining them from the on-board computer to as well as position, speed and idle information, to the customer in order to control the vehicle in the most economical and safe way.

  • Emergency Call Button

    The Emergency Call Button can be used for sending an emergency call message to the centre, in cases of a malfunction, an accident or cases where it is necessary to take security precautions in the vehicle. The vehicle is taken under monitor by the centre. In Economics Package, the Emergency Call Button can not be used with Tank, Door Cover, Manhole Cover and Damper Sensors at the same time.

  • Tank / Door Cover Sensor

    The Door Sensor is an accessory that provides information regarding whether the vehicle’s door or the covers of the fuel tank etc. are open or closed. It can be used in cases of uncontrolled fuel supply, fuel stealing risk and situations that are important in terms of safety.

  • Immobilizer Interface

    The Immobilizer Interface is an accessory which is used for the cases when the car is stolen or when it is necessary to stop the car for safety purposes. If the vehicle is started when the vehicle’s engine is closed, the vehicle does not operate and there will be no impact while the vehicle is operating however, the vehicle will not restart after it has been stopped.

  • Audio Alarm Unit

    When the values of Over Speed Limit defined in the unit is exceeded, it is used to give an audio alarm in the vehicle at the beginning of idle running. It can also be activated/deactivated using the web page when desired.

  • Manhole Cover / Dumper Sensor

    The Manhole Cover Sensor is a metal accessory which is manufactured to resist the external factors. It can be used to follow the open/closed states of manhole covers of vehicles such as fuel tank etc. or the dumpers.

  • Special Use Control Button / Switch

    In order to prevent the vehicle from being monitored in private uses, the driver may prevent the generation of address information by activating this switch. Information such as the distance covered and the violation of the Over Speed Limit will continue to be generated.

  • Temperature Sensor

    The Temperature Sensor is an accessory ensuring that the temperature information of the ambient, in which the product carried during the transportation of cold chain products, is monitored in an integrated manner with the vehicle tracking system and that a warning is sent to the relevant persons via SMS and e-mail, in case temperature limits pre-registered in the sytem are exceeded. Temperature data can be obtained from 2 different points of vehicles with large trailer parts. Measurement of 0.5° sensitivity between -50 ° C and + 85 ° C can be made via digital sensor.

  • Driver ID Set

    The Driver ID Set is an accessory which can be used to determine the driver using the vehicle on the basis of date and time and to ensure that detailed driver-based reports on vehicle usage can be received. It is useful in companies where it is possible for the same driver to drive more than one vehicle. This product can be used in ways of different applications, depending on demand: 1- "Buzzer" Application: If the driver ID unit is not read after the vehicle is started, this gives high volume audio alarm upon request. "Audio Alarm Unit" is used as an addition for this application. 2- Application Where the Vehicle is not Started: With this application, the vehicle cannot be started without the driver ID unit is read. "Immobilizer Interface" is used as an addition for this application.

  • Fuel Sensor

    The fuel tank float can be used in vehicles supplying analogue voltage. The fuel level can be tracked as a percentage.